El Greasy - 'Bad Night For Leather'

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A hotly tipped duo of 'melodramatic prodigies', Oakland's El Greasy have recently delivered their debut single 'Bad Night for Leather', unleashing a greased up, synth-rock anthem that is dripping with sweat, passion, and animalistic energy.

Born from various Zoom sessions during the global lockdowns, the duo laid down seven soon-to-be seminal singles with engineer Ben Hirschfield at Nu-Tone Studios. The first of these singles, 'Bad Night for Leather' is a perfect introduction to the band, lashing out with their sardonically industrialised sound which has completely broken down the traditional alt-rock mould.

Stitched together from a maelstrom of heavy riffs, stoner rock influences, and bold, uncompromising energy, El Greasy's debut single builds an undeniable sound, setting a powerful platform for their tale of loneliness and self-acceptance. Gripped by a raucous melody that snarls and kicks, it's an alt-rock cut hit with a double dose of adrenaline, building on big-beat electronica and razor-sharp lyrics to make their mark.

Speaking about the new cut, the band shared, “'Bad Night for Leather' portrays the experience of loneliness and self-acceptance during a night out in the big city. Inspired by a night of heavy drinking in Berlin, the protagonist retells the story of the night he was kicked out of a bar and stumbled by a pawn shop with a cool leather jacket in the window. By wearing the jacket, he thinks he’ll get into any bar or nightclub but is soundly rejected again and again by surreally large bouncers and the terrorizing 'eye' of CCTV cameras."

"The character laments that “I let myself get to me” and accepts that it was a 'Bad Night for Leather'. The main idea is a character doing something over the top to gain the approval of others when there is no guarantee of this occurring.”

Alongside the official music video, which you can view above, 'Bad Night for Leather' sets the stage for El Greasy on their own explosive terms. A debut that stands as one of the year's best, 'Bad Night for Leather' is available now.

Following the release of their debut single, El Greasy are also teasing their second cut, 'Jesus Fucking Christ'. The new track promises to be their antithesis of a Christmas single and is set to rain blasphemy onto the airwaves in December this year.

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