Eliza Hull - 'Running Underwater'

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Having established herself as one of Australia’s most important voices and striking songwriters of recent years, Melbourne-based artist Eliza Hull has proven the longevity of her art, and continued evolution.

With the release of her new single ‘Running Underwater’, the songwriter and musician embraces a beautiful new chapter of creative and personal expression; the threads of experiences from both sides of her being knitting together beautifully in creating a gorgeous piece of new music.

New music from Eliza Hull comes accompanied by a slew of live shows that will see Hull performing internationally throughout the U.K. in May, before returning home for some unmissable Australian performances in the second half of the year.

‘Running Underwater’ saw Hull work with ARIA Award-winning producer Pip Norman (Baker Boy, Missy Higgins) on production, recording the track at BIGBANG Studio. Mixed by Simon Lam (Woodes, Cub Sport) and mastered by Idania Valencia (Sam Smith), ‘Running Underwater’ – in its final form – lets the dynamism of Hull’s vocals and arrangement take prominence, flourishing with each sonic swell.

The track itself is the first indication of Hull’s current creative rhythm, and a taste of the material to come – her first since the release of her 2018 EP, 'How We Disappeared'. ‘Running Underwater’, which was first performed by Hull during a powerful appearance on the ABC’s Q&A program in 2021, is the first song Hull has written about being disabled and living with a condition called ‘Charcot Marie Tooth’.

The condition, a degenerative nerve disorder, has affected Hull’s walking for a long time; it was a disability that she kept hidden, specifically in the music industry. In recent years however, Hull has emerged as an accessibilityadvocate within the industry; her determinism and approach to educating and spurring on change in perspective and structure, when it comes to the way disabled musicians are treated within the industry, has been incredibly influential. ‘Running Underwater’ is a powerful musical representation of Hull’s strength, and an example of the artist coming further into her own.

She explained, “For a long time I hid my disability, especially in the music industry. This was due to under-representation of disabled musicians and  I was constantly shown that disability was a deficit or something that should be feared and hidden. It was such a heavy weight holding onto these beliefs, it was exhausting to constantly hide."

"This song is about pushing up against society's view of disability, it’s about letting go of the fear and being authentic and true to myself and showing that it’s ok to be different.“

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