Evil Sweet - 'Queen Victoria'

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New York based pop rock group Evil Sweet capture that lingering end-of-summer nostalgia in their upbeat new song 'Queen Victoria', the lead single of their upcoming studio EP of the same name.

Founded by songwriting duo Scotty O’Brien-Curcie and Zachary Castro of Long Island, New York, Evil Sweet's new single was recorded and produced by Nicholas Starrantino at Westfall Recording Studios, with the group continuing to develop a bright pop style with their most polished production yet.

The first release by the band to be professionally produced, 'Queen Victoria' follows frontman O’Brien-Curcie and his infatuation with his summer fling. Based on his real-life girlfriend Victoria, the song tells the story of Scotty chasing after his childhood love who he grew up with on the north shore beaches of Long Island, and getting rejected throughout adolescence before reconnecting later in life.

Musically, the acoustic guitar strumming and electronic flourishes of wave sounds that open the song employ a distinctly beach pop aesthetic, synthesizing 60’s-era nostalgia with a more modern love song formula. The lyrics describe the love interest Victoria as disinterested and out of reach, and lean on royal imagery to illustrate her larger-than-life appeal.

Evil Sweet has recently grown into a full 5five-piece band, and have been playing 'Queen Victoria' among other songs at shows across Long Island and New York City in venues such as Amityville Music Hall and The Bowery Electric. The group headlined their first music festival in the summer of 2022 at the Long Island Indie Rock & Pop Festival at 89 North Music Hall.

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