Hanover's Big Jack's Revenge return with new single 'Depression'

One of Germany's most exciting new rock bands, Big Jack's Revenge have spent the last few years delivering a string of impressive singles and teasing their recently released debut record. From first cut 'Demon Blood' to their recent epic 'When The Time Has Come', the band have made themselves known in Germany and abroad, and today, they're back with another old school classic.

Titled 'Depression', the new single is a ruthless glam rock shrouded track that finds its feet through howling falsetto vocals, classic guitar lines, and thunderous drums. Drawing you back to the days of Guns N' Roses, The Darkness, and AC/DC, 'Depression' is a quick, relentless rock anthem that tackles one of the most pervasive struggles of the modern age.

Despite the high-octane sounds, the song has a far darker message underneath, and interplay between the main and spoken work vocals speak volumes to the emotional weight of the track. Speaking about the single, the band shared, “Although rock'n'roll is supposed to radiate joy, we don't close ourselves off from serious social issues. Our song ‘Depression’ is about a taboo topic that unfortunately still exists in large parts of society: depression.”

They continued, alongside the official music video for the single, “’Depression’ takes us on a sinister journey through the shadows of introspection, capturing the raw essence of battling inner demons. The lyrics delve into the struggle of self-discovery, portraying a poignant reflection in the mirror that may feel like encountering a stranger. The quest to unravel one's identity and break free from the metaphorical bars is palpable throughout the verses. The haunting refrain, "Depression pulls you down, down, down," is a powerful anchor to the emotional depth of the song.”

“It eloquently illustrates the gravity of the internal struggle, emphasizing the relentless force that our dark side exerts. The narrative takes a chilling turn as the artist candidly confronts thoughts of suicide, painting a vivid picture of despair where darkness prevails, and the mind becomes a battleground. The plea for a chance and a metaphorical deal adds a desperate touch to the emotional appeal for understanding. As the clouds of depression envelop the narrator, the absence of light symbolizes the irreversible damage.”

In the new single, Big Jack’s Revenge have given us absolutely everything, baring their collective soul and inviting listeners to empathise with the journey through darkness. For more from the band, be sure to check out their website and socials below or catch them playing live on stage in Hildesheim for the first time on January 12th, 2024.

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