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Heddy’s Revenge – ‘Who’s Sleeping?’

  • 2 min read

A Newcastle band with a unique sound that blends punk, pub rock, indie and riot grrrl influences, Heddy’s Revenge have become one of the city’s most impressive independent bands. A regular part of Newcastle’s live scene in the late ’90s and early 2000’, they’ve recently re-formed, delivering a string of visceral new singles that shine with newfound enthusiasm.

Their second single of the new era, ‘Who’s Sleeping’ arrives as an angsty lament to the frustration of insomnia and a yearning for the night. The edgy 90’s-esque punk-pop song is one of our true collaborations, written in the jam room with contributions from all band members. The song was recorded independently during COVID lockdown with parts recorded separately and mixed by Heddy’s guitarist Robb.

A fast-paced pop-punk song that captures the emotional experience of life after lockdown, the song and music video explore the restlessness of insomnia and the sense of freedom that comes from being out at night.

Recorded during the Newcastle lockdown in 2021, each band member recorded their part at home, with guitarist Robb Ryan then combining and mixing the song in his home studio. The music video was produced by guitarist Steve Beautement. Steve described the video as "a haunting black-and-white short film. I was inspired by film noir and David Lynch, I tried to create an atmosphere rather than a narrative. We had a really positive reaction to our last video, and I think people will really connect with this one too."

Heddy's Revenge has relished returning to the stage as lockdown restrictions have eased this year. As singer Nadia Waugh explained, "It's been amazing to play to a live audience again. There is nothing like the atmosphere of a live gig." Another thing that has changed since lockdown is the way musicians use technology. "Our show at the Gallipoli Club was live-streamed by the 'FAD Sessions' production team. We had friends from as far away as Switzerland watching online, as well as a live audience, it was great."

After a lengthy hiatus, Heddy's Revenge has reformed just in time for this year's indie rock and pop-punk revival. Drummer Libby Jones is a familiar face to many Newcastle music fans, and she is unsurprised by the popularity of her favourite genres. "I'm a fan of almost all styles of music, but there's something special about rock music. People still love the energy of a live band and the connection between the band and the audience. We've collaborated to write a lot of new songs, and I can't wait for people to hear them".

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