Hoodooleen – ‘Sometimes’

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A talented singer-songwriter living and working in Sisak, Croatia, Hoodooleen has been releasing a steady string of impressive singles over the past few years, carefully curating a gorgeous piano-based sound. Recently, the Australian-born artist released his fourteenth single, delivering a short and spontaneous song that is steeped in sharp, emotional moments.

Titled ‘Sometimes’, the new single is Hoodooleen’s shortest release to date, arriving with a sense of immediacy that is utterly enchanting. Despite its brevity, the single still holds a brilliant weight to it, opening with raw, isolated vocals that reach out from your speakers. It’s a simple, but evocative refrain, with Hoodooleen calling out “Sometimes it's harder than it seems, but seeming tends to go to extremes”.

Eventually, Hoodooleen’s vocals are met by tender instrumentals, quietly building to meet the heartfelt nature of the piece. Although subtle, the song is a perfect illustration of how Hoodooleen puts his heart and soul into every piece, stepping away from needless theatrics and putting every ounce of emotion into her performance. ‘Sometimes’ arrives as the first of Hoodooleen’s singles that is not limited to just the piano and vocals, with a full band adding to the depth of the track.

Speaking of the new single with Croatian website Slobodna Dalmacija, Hoodooleen explained, "The song was created, so to speak, in one breath. One of the few that have remained completely the same as the moment they were created. With most of the songs, I play around a bit more, and here and there I make a few variations, some kind of small change, but for "Sometimes" I somehow felt that nothing should be touched. Maybe that's why it's the shortest I've ever made, it's not even two minutes long, and when it was already so short it seemed appropriate to register it for Dora, but maybe it was too short."

The new single was mixed by Antonino Šimić from Greenwood Studio and mastered by Filip Vidović from Matterhorn Music. Split director and artist Toni Mijač was in charge of the video, this time joined by Roko Birimiša as director of photography.

Hoodooleen was born in Sydney, Australia, at the age of five he moved with his family to Korčula, shortly before the Homeland War, to Smokvica, his father's hometown. From his youngest days, he felt a special love for music, his mother taught him to play the piano, and on weekends he travelled to Split for piano and solfeggio lessons.

So far, Hoodooleen has released fourteen singles, with ‘Sometimes’ arriving as a gorgeous evolution in his sound. You can stream the new single above alongside the official music video, along with more releases via his socials below.

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