IRFXXN - 'Time'

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Debuting in 2022 with the impactful single ‘Latest Song’, Sydney’s R&Pop artist IRFXXN has returned, building upon the strong foundation of his breakout track, with a new slice of music in ‘Time’. A global star on the rise, IRFXXN has expanded his scope of influence exponentially in the last year with a fusion of sounds and musical textures reaching strong, dedicated fan bases around the world.

Continuing to flesh out a thriving body of work in 2023, IRFXXN is crafting a lane of his own in the local scene. Already recognised for his authenticity as a performer, as well as his way of masterfully weaving his way around meticulous beats (here, perfected with his producers and team at BeatsWithSheph), IRFXXN’s latest is an exciting step forward.

‘Time’ focuses on relationships and in IRFXXN’s delivery, the listener is able to access moments of nuance on intimacy. A song about the “unheard and unsaid”, ‘Time’ is an introspective offering that IRFXXN describes as accessible for anyone who has ever had moments with a significant other where communication may be the hardest thing to engage with.

For fans of Drake, Tory Lanez, Brent Faiyaz and even Bryson Tiller, ‘Time’ threads darker R&B tones together with fresh pop and alternative influences, perfectly buoying IRFXXN’s naturally inviting and charismatic flow.

Speaking about the new single, IRFXXN said, “It’s something almost every relationship can relate to, those times where you wish you could do more and everything seems to weigh you down."

"Sometimes you just need to let it out, but as easy as that sounds is just how difficult it is. When you’re completely devoted to someone and all you want to do is make it work, being the only one that feels like they’re putting in the effort is probably one of the worst things you can feel in life. Even though you know the relationship will work because of all the effort you're giving to it, you know that it’s only happening because of how hard you are working and how little effort the girl is giving.”

Working with the team at Skylake Media in Sydney, IRFXXN captured the energy of ‘Time’ in the accompanying visuals, also out today. Diving deeper into the themes of the song, IRFXXN describes the narrative; one where things can easily fall apart out of the most normal of situations. He explained, “The music video resonates in its entirety of what I was trying to express in the record. I wanted to put it out for all those genuine men that are looking to put the utmost effort into their girlfriend/wife or partner but their other half just isn’t able to see it."

"I wanted the music video to show in its most raw and simplest form, a scenario of when a guy will try and speak the love language of their partner but it has gone unnoticed. The music video starts off with the main character shopping to purchase groceries, he’s looking to cook on his date night for his girlfriend but then all things go wrong!”

The arrival of the single comes off the back of what has been a busy and fruitful year for the performer and songwriter. Prior to the release of ‘Latest Song’, IRFXXN (pronounced IR-FAAN) was propelled into the spotlight after a teaser of the track uploaded to TikTok became a viral hit, amassing over 1 million views on the platform.

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