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Izza - 'United States of Robbery'

  • 2 min read

Rising pop sensation Izza outlines her harrowing experience with violent crime in Los Angeles with rapturous new single 'United States of Robbery'.

Born and bred in Los Angeles, Izza is a pop singer, songwriter, and producer with a penchant for empowering lyrics and sharp, energetic sounds. With an aim to encourage self-love, normalise vulnerability, and motivate listeners to speak up and follow their dreams, regardless of what others think or say., she has become a rising pop icon for all the right reasons.

Her latest single, 'United States of Robbery' takes aim at the rising crimes rates in Los Angeles, touching on her own experiences, while also standing firm for the long list of victims of violent crimes. After having several belongings stolen from her house in August 2022, Izza decided to take a stand of her own, penning the new single and sharing on her Instagram page, "I  wrote 'United States of Robbery' after my house was broken into and my privacy was invaded. America’s violent debauchery has motivated me to find justice and meaning in a country full of rage. I hope this song inspires and empowers you, just like it did for me when I wrote it. Change seems so far away, but I will continue to be outspoken and fight for peace. Xx, Izza."

Izza took it upon herself to combine her artistic outlet with her harrowing experiences to create 'United States of Robbery', a track filled with lyrics that Izza hopes will help to effect change throughout the L.A. community. She continued, speaking with KTLA, “Change seems so far away, but I will continue to be outspoken and fight for peace,” she said. “America’s violent debauchery has motivated me to bring awareness to the need for accountability to stop the vicious cycle of moral decay that is occurring in our city.” 

Available now alongside the official music video, delivering a colourful, cinematic experience that backs the track perfect. Check it out below.

Along with her music, Izza is also an advocate for mental health and played 320 Festival along artists like Chris Martin of Coldplay, Elohim, and Social House. By coupling high energy beats with positive messages, Izza wants to use her music as medicine for those who need to lift themselves up.

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