Klacc1315 – ‘Top Boy 2’

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Keelin Oliver, better known by his stage name of Klacc1315, has been carving out his own unique path through his local hip-hop scene for years, cashing in on heavy lyrics and sharp beats to create a brilliant sound.

Signed to Home Base Recording Label out of Corpus Christi, Texas, Klacc1315 made his mark through tracks with Muddy Kasino, Boogotti Kasino, and Ec Marv, along with the release of his titanic debut album, ‘Convict Turn C.E.O.’ back in 2021. Since then, he’s continued to be one of the state’s most expressive and impressive hip-hop artists, breaking new ground with some hard-heating beats and a raucous new single.

A release built on a passion and respect for the golden era of hip-hop, ‘Top Boy 2’, features the talented Young KO and arrives as a successor to ‘Top Boy’ which arrived late last year. Released on N.T.A. Records alongside a music video that was filmed by R.R. Films, the new cut is Klacc1315 at his very best, lashing out with an engaging and modern sound that boasts all the thrills of new age rap anthem, while also paying homage to the old world of heavy hitting rhymes and fierce, confident delivery.

Showcasing a natural continuation in Klacc1315’s sound, ‘Top Boy 2’ carries the same weight and power of his debut album, cashing in on brilliant, hard-win verse and a layered sound that calls back to some of the biggest hip-hop artists of the modern age. Along with the release of the new single, Klacc1315 is also championing two massive new albums in ‘National Trapper’ and ‘MeizeKlacc’, a brilliant collaborative release with the talented Meize Bentley. Two powerful illustrations of Klacc1315’s talents, they’re also a testament to his work ethic, capturing a blistering sound that is sure to take over the nation.

A fantastic snapshot of Klacc1315’s style and sound, ‘Top Boy 2’ is a record that pushes boundaries with honest lyrics, heavy beats, and a true sense of power. Check out the new video below which sees Klacc1315 doing what he does best.

An impressive release, ‘Top Boy 2’ holds firm to the core strengths of the hip-hop scene, but it also occasionally strays into the troubled cliches that continue to exist within the genre, creating a mixed style that isn’t always surprisingly, but more often than not, it’s wonderfully entertaining. With over 2,000 streams on YouTube already, ‘Top Boy 2’ has already become a breakthrough release for Klacc1315, and it’s only getting better.

An invigorating show of what he can achieve, ‘Top Boy 2’ is everything that we’ve been expecting and more, giving Klacc1315 a space to assert his style and create a rolling sound that reflects modern times and his own personal experiences. For more of Klacc1315’s music, and to keep following his career, make sure you check out his discography on Apple Music and his social media pages below.

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