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Laila - 'I Like Girls'

  • 2 min read

Laila is making waves this Pride Month with her latest single, 'I Like Girls'. The catchy and empowering anthem serves as a delightful response to her previous release, 'Strangers at the Airport', as Laila moves from exploring the pain of heartbreak to celebrating her authentic self and embracing her identity.

'I Like Girls' is an infectious anthem that celebrates love, identity, and the freedom to be who you truly are. The track offers sweet and smooth vocals and a light and celebratory soundscape perfect for a sunny summer day. Its nods to country music lend a playful and endearing quality to the uplifting and joyful atmosphere. With its buoyant and vibrant production, the song seamlessly blends shimmering pop elements with an undeniable groove, creating an irresistible sonic landscape that invites listeners to dance and embrace their true selves.

“Last year I was at a show and ran into another female artist I knew. After some catching up and dancing, she told me that she liked girls, then asked me on a date. The whole situation had me very bajiggitty because 1. it was unexpected, and 2. she’s kind of a superstar,” says Laila. “It was such a lovely moment that really sparked my journey towards questioning my sexuality and realizing that I might like girls too.”

'I Like Girls' was written by Laila Kharouba, Monica Spiering, Jon Pike (BRDGS), and Brandon Pero (Devon Cole), produced by Jon Pike and Brandon Pero, mixed by Brandon Pero, and mastered by Kristian Montano (Virginia to Vegas).

With its infectious pop hooks and catchy melodies, 'I Like Girls' is poised to become an anthem of self-expression and acceptance during Pride Month and beyond. This marks Laila's second release as a solo artist, solidifying her presence in the music industry and hinting at the exciting artistic trajectory she has embarked upon.

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