Lane Renaldo - 'Help!'

Los Angeles based artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Lani Renaldo artfully fuses a diverse mix of grunge rock, bedroom pop and experimental sounds for a wildly eclectic and progressive swirl of cathartic ecstasy. Inspired by artists such as Tame Impala, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Hayley Williams, and SZA, as well as producers Timbaland, Pharrell and Greg Kurstin, Lani shows us an insight into their love of a myriad of genres that permeates into their own music. 

Lani’s music often explores themes of hardship, relationships, emotional growth and finding and accepting your true identity. They state,”I think the light at the end of the tunnel has been really finding myself through the music and being able to come to terms with my identity as a non-binary person, wanting to change my name and wanting to physically change things about myself. That was all a part of this journey.”

Now, after a period of deep transformation both personally and musically, Lani Renaldo has released their highly-anticipated defiant new single 'Help!'. On the release, Lani confides, “I think I’ve always been this person but it was coming to terms with that and allowing people to see those parts of myself. I was becoming comfortable with my identity and expression. There was a sense of just feeling unapologetic especially within the songs. And I think I didn’t want to feel bad for myself, I wanted to feel empowered by the fact that I was learning how to deal with my emotions for the first time.” 

In 'Help!' the artist tells the dark narrative of losing yourself completely and watching the world crumble at your fingertips. They confides, “Selfishly, the song was written from a place of just feeling like I was spiraling. I didn’t feel like myself, I wasn’t on medication, I was going through really big changes in terms of my gender and identity and now trying to figure out who I was outside of a relationship. It was really tough. I forced myself to sit down one day and write about how I was feeling.” Featuring a compelling melody over garage rock riffs and a 90’s hip hop influenced beat, 'Help!' is a brave and complex single about mental health struggles.

The upcoming release 'Replay' explores feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, and the tendency to overanalyze and dwell too heavily on the outcome of situations. The song is drenched with funk-fueled bass and lofi hazy synths which effortlessly underlay warm layered vocals for an intoxicating sonic fusion. 

Lani Renaldo has seen success performing with the likes of Alessia Cara at the AMA’s and opening for Halsey at The Shrine. Their collaboration on 'Malibuu' with Matt Dimona topped Spotify’s Global 50 chart and currently has over six million streams.  They further confides, “You know, I think that we are often told that our sadness or struggle is a weakness. But I really come to discover that being able to talk about them or acknowledging that you had a bad night or moment, or even crying, that within itself is a win. You’re able to assess those feelings and feel human.” 

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