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Let Us Dream - ‘It’s Over’

  • 2 min read

An acoustic pop artist based in France, Let Us Dream has recently shared his new single ‘It’s Over’, delivering a unique blend of pop sounds that is backed perfectly by a high energy music video. 

Taking lead from bands like Yellowcard, A Day To Remember, and Real Friends, Let Us Dream has spent the last six years carving out a unique and wonderfully engaging sound. From the first music video ‘Remember’ which was released in November 2017, to his most recent offering, Let Us Dream has continued to push their acoustic sound to the very limit.

Championed on his social media pages as the best song he has ever written, ‘It’s Over’ is a monumental new cut that hits with an immediate pop-punk edge. Opening with a melodic refrain that ties together acoustic guitar and spirited vocals, the song launches into a passionate back and forth between explosive, heavily melodic choruses, and sharp, emotive verse like “Down on my knees, with all the pain, just another day, writing an empty page.”

A brilliant pop-punk anthem that has been impressively translated into a triumphant acoustic cut, ‘It’s Over’ is a perfect encapsulation of Let Us Dream’s sound. Speaking with us about the track, Let Us Dream shared, “It's a dancing music video, and a sequence shot. It is about struggles in relationships (love or friendship), being in a downward spiral and how to get through.”

A brilliant release that will have us watching Let Us Dream more closely in future, ‘It’s Over’ is an impressive illustration of the project’s unique style. For more, be sure to check out Let Us Dream’s website, socials, and YouTube page.

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