Lewa – ‘Milonga del Genal’

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A gorgeous talent creating covers, arrangements and original handpan music, Lewa is a unique and wonderfully musician whose sound drifts effortlessly between subtle ambient textures and glistening neo-classical sounds. After impressing fans and critics alike with her 2020 EP ‘D Ecstasy’, Lewa had truly set the standard for her lavish handpan compositions, but today, she’s taken things to a new level, sharing the wonderfully grounded new single, ‘Milonga del Genal’.

Born and raised in Spain, Lewa’s childhood was filled with the smells of Canson chalk, oil and turpentine. Surrounded by art, music, and boundless creativity, Lewa spent her days adrift in Alan Parsons Project, The Beatles, Dire Straits and Pink Floyd carried away by the timeless sounds while her Father would paint, and her Mother would sing. Inspired by her parents, Lewa forged an instant connection with music, and it wasn’t long before she was creating music of her own.

As she explains, “One day my father brought home a Fesma organ through whose pedal, my hamster Canelo would enter to store his sunflower seeds. That’s how it all started. The first melody that he taught me to play was ‘Popcorn’ and eventually others would come from Bach, Mozart, Chopin or the incomprehensible ‘The Rain and the Rainbow’ by Prokofiev.”

After eight years of learning piano, Lewa was struck by tendonitis, and she was forced to redirect her focus towards music education. In 2010, Lewa signed up for a vibrant festival called ‘Costa Contemporánea’ where she first heard the sound of a hang, and her dreams of playing and composing were instantly renewed.

After more than a decade learning to perform on handpans, Lewa has become a true master of her craft, and her latest single is ample proof of her talents. A gorgeous, melodic piece that is filled with touching organic movements, ‘Milonga del Genal’ is effortlessly appealing and utterly disarming.

Speaking about the new single, Lewa explained on her Instagram page, “After last winter's confinement, I had the opportunity to enjoy the restorative Mother Nature in the Genal Valley, Malaga, Andalusia. There the roots of this theme sprouted, thanks to the earth, the water, the sun and of course, the seductive possibilities of this new series of instruments that @noblet_handpans_pantam put in my hands.”

Available now on all major platforms, as well as part of annual Spotify playlists, ‘Milonga del Genal’ is a gorgeous new release that simply deserves to be heard.

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