LOSER - 'Heaven Can Wait’

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Continuing a stellar rise that has seen the band support Bugs, British India, PUP and Violent Soho across the country, LOSER are back with high-energy new single ‘Heaven Can Wait’ and innovative details for new EP ‘Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget’.

Truly disruptive, LOSER flips the traditional EP release model on its head. They are set to release this EP as a long-form trickle series of songs across the remainder of this year and into the next with the first single ‘Heaven Can Wait’, which was released on October 21st.

Speaking about the new single, the band explained “This song was written back in 2019 and was intended to make it on our first album 'Mindless Joy'. It felt like too much of a leap forward for the sound at the time but now it’s making its debut finally! The song's lyrics portray my feelings towards the fear of death and anxiety, back then I was an anxious wreck and always thought of the worst case scenario in my head.”

Each of the singles are to be released with their own individual story that gradually builds the narrative of the EP as a whole. In addition to each song coming out, LOSER will also be dropping limited edition merch, exclusive live performance videos and also a ‘Golden Backstage Pass’ that will be randomly inserted ‘Willy Wonka’ style into one lucky merch buyers parcel - allowing them free tickets to any LOSER headline show for life.

They coninued, “The whole idea with this EP was to switch up how we've released music in the past. We've always been a traditional album band, but this new EP felt like a fresh direction for us musically, so we thought it could be fun to try something a little different in the way we presented it. It's not a collection of singles, it's more like a netflix tv series, where the entire body of work is designed to flow as a whole, but is presented piece by piece.

‘Heaven Can Wait’, just like the tracks yet to come off the EP,  was recorded at Restless Noise Studios, the band’s own home studio. The track was produced by band members Craig Selak and Tim Maxwell, the latter of whom also mixed.  To close out the team, the track was then mastered by George Georgiadis at Little Wing Sound (The VANNS, Gang Of Youths). 

Accompanying the release of ‘Heaven Can Wait’ is a live performance video filmed at Restless Noise Studios by Ben Schoonderbeek (Bad//Dreems, Satin Cali, The Paddycakes) with audio by Tim Maxwell.

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