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LOSER - 'Stadium dreams on a Bedroom Budget’

  • 2 min read

The alt-rockers who need no introduction, LOSER, release their final single ‘Starting Over’ of their ‘Stadium dreams on a Bedroom Budget’ EP. Having slowly released the six track EP since October 2022, they today bid farewell to their cathartic creative endeavour.

Known for delivering an electrifying performance with face-melting guitar solos and choruses for a crowd, they also close the Stadium Dreams chapter in true LOSER style, having just completed a string of shows across Australia, ending the tour with a home show in Melbourne.

Craig Selak of the band explained, “This whole EP is about self discovery. It’s about ignoring the distractions and digging deeper within yourself to find out who that is, what they want, and empowering yourself to be true to that. The name ‘Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget’ is a reflection of that. We want to be a band that plays big stadiums and big crowds, but right now we’re recording the whole thing in our own backyard studio, touring hard as an opening band, and appreciating every moment of the journey without losing sight of our goals, or the reason we want to achieve them.”

Throughout the course of LOSER’s innovative EP release, they foreground the power of the single whilst still maintaining the integrity of the long form EP release structure. With each release LOSER continued to build the narrative of the EP, navigating their journey of self-discovery alongside live performance videos and single-specific merch, that included a rarer-than-rare extremely limited vinyl run, distributed randomly to ten fans mid-set at each leg of the tour.

Each release saw LOSER explore new facets of their creativity. From opening the EP with the power packed belter ‘Heaven Can Wait’, to pulled back introspective singles ‘Hold On You’ and ‘Only One’ LOSER edged towards the close with the simmering drama of ‘Sunday’ before launching into cathartic riffed out closer ‘Starting Over’. 

This final single encapsulates everything that has cemented LOSER as one of Australia’s premier alt-rock outfits. Tapping into vulnerability they explore the disorienting experience of finding passion and drive after the pandemic. Referencing the tumultuous time they simultaneously look with optimism towards the future. Accompanying the release is a live-performance video for 'Starting Over', the final instalment of a range of videos that showcase LOSER at their prime.

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