lovemedo - ‘Dancing On The LINE!’

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Splicing together gleaming pop, scrappy punk, indie, rock and almost everything in between, lovemedo channels sonics that pollinate between The 1975, Gang of Youths, Bon Iver, Cub Sport and David Bowie. A talented and wonderfully unique artist, he has returned in perfect form with new brazen single 'Dancing On The LINE!’

Best described as a sonic-driven cataclysm, the new single sees lovemedo channeling his innermost emotions into a sharp, cathartic blend of sound and emotion. Speaking about the new cut, lovemedo explained, “'Dancing on the LINE!’ is a sonic tantrum. It embodies that nauseating feeling of falling yet feels uplifting too."

He continued, "The imagery of 'the line’ being reality and the idea of me dancing on it was amusing to me. At the time I was hurt confused and embarrassed about a particular situation so this song became a way of shrugging my shoulders, throwing my hands in the air and asking some loaded rhetorical questions, not because I wanted the answers but to make fun of what they may be.”

The new single arrives alongside a stellar music video which premiered just recently, showcasing lovemedo's style perfectly. The single itself was written in a brief flash of frustration at the industry and the lack of lofi pop music on the radio. In two minutes, lovemedo pulled together the “screaming nonsense punk track” and sent it to his manager – who loved it. “He loved it, and I honestly agree,” he says. “I was upset when I recorded it and that rawness came through, it’s the most transparent thing I’ve done.”

There are those artists that are content to make music for themselves, whose journey with music is purely kept in their own world. Then there are those that want to touch as many people as they can, to comfort and soothe and hold space and inspire. From the earliest of ages, lovemedo knew he wanted to be in the latter category.

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