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Lÿnx – ‘Crazy Crazy World’

  • 2 min read

One of Canada’s most explosive and impressive modern rock bands, Lÿnx have already proved their talents time and time again, but with the release of their new single, they’ve poised to set the world on fire.

Titled ‘Crazy Crazy World’, the new cut is everything we’ve come to love about Lÿnx’s high-octane sound, delivering wave after wave of bold, aggressive rock ‘n’ roll antics that hit hard and then keep on hitting. Released earlier this month with Canadian label Bullzhorn Records, the new single is a perfect example of Lÿnx’s sound, capitalising on fast paced tempos, wild vocals, and a shredding guitar solo to create one of the most cataclysmic releases we’ve heard all year. Backed by some heavy, quickfire percussion and rolling low-end basslines, the single moves as quick as our modern world does, lashing out and taking over with force and plenty of bravado.

Consisting of lead vocalist Lazer Wild, guitarist Blade, bassist Fangs and drummer Flash, Lÿnx new single continues the trail of destruction that first started with their eponymous debut EP, delivering a massive volley of racy guitar licks and thunderous drum patterns that’ll impress even the most stoic of listeners. An impressive, dynamic, and undeniable release, everything about ‘Crazy Crazy World’ is built to inspire, kicking away the dirt and grime to reveal a fierce heavy rock sound.

Speaking candidly about the new release, the band said that we all had to “get ready to crank it up and get crazy”, and after just one listen, it’s easy to see why. Along with the new single on Spotify, you can also view the official music video for the new track, which sees the band taking to the stage and delivering an absolutely massive performance of the track.

A sleaze metal anthem that demands to be heard; ‘Crazy Crazy World’ is the stark, visceral sound of a band on the rise. Tune in to the new track above and make sure you follow Lÿnx on Spotify and their social media pages, so you never miss a release.

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