Madeleine Clare - 'Sabotage'

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A moody 90s-inspired banger about hurt, revenge and self-loathing, 'Sabotage' showcases Madeleine Clare’s powerhouse vocals, a dirty, distorted guitar solo and twisted, evocative storytelling.

Available now on all platforms now, 'Sabotage' includes a mesmerising music video filmed at Melbourne’s iconic Bakehouse Studios between lockdowns, paying homage to influences including Kate Bush, David Lynch, and burlesque culture. “This song is a dark tribute to the voice in my head that tries to deliberately destroy the things that matter most,” Madeleine says.

The film clip was made with a team of local independent artists including producer Logan Davies, director Victoria Thaine (Sonia and Cherry), cinematographer Brendan Cherry and competition pole dancers Bethany Tyler and Brady Stevens.  

Madeleine’s early music career included a stint with Melbourne-hip hop/jazz outfit Disasterware, supporting Jurassic 5 at The Prince, as well as performances at St Kilda Festival and other iconic Melbourne venues. After spending many years exploring new styles across several different instruments, bands and projects, the singer turned her back on music, moving interstate for love and a new career. When she found herself back in Melbourne several years later, music beckoned.

“Music forced its way back into my consciousness and my life, compelling me to write new songs, explore new collaborations, and try to overcome the demons that sabotaged my journey as an artist including insecurity, jealousy, addiction and grief,” Madeleine explained.

While 'Sabotage' can be viewed through the eyes of the inner saboteur, the song is also about a lover’s revenge. “There’s a primal instinct when someone hurts us. You want the other person to suffer as much as much you have. Trying to sabotage someone’s life is not something I’d ever play out for real, but music is a safe place to let the darkest parts of ourselves roam," she explained.

All songs for the upcoming album were co-produced with Tasmanian producer and multi-instrumentalist Jethro Pickett, whose Rolling by the River studio is a former apple packing shed perched on stilts on the Huon River. Additional vocals were recorded at Shane O’Mara’s Yikesville studio, in Melbourne, along with drums featuring Ben Wiesner.

Madeleine’s debut album 'The Eleventh Hour' is marketed for release in October this year.

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