Marc Clough – ‘The Girl That Doesn’t Exist’

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It’s been a little while since we last caught up with Marc Clough, the Hull-based singer-songwriter who previously caught us off-guard with singles like ‘Reaching For the Sun’. An acoustic artist at heart, Marc has made his mark writing songs from the heart, channelling every emotion into his home-spun anthems. Recently, he released one of his most ensnaring tracks, ‘The Girl That Doesn’t Exist’, which appeared on his streaming sites in late March after “a lot of hard work, determination, and fun.”

A textured rock single that is equal parts reflective and retrospective, the new single is playfully optimistic, delivering a heavy guitar line that kicks right from the start. There’s an easy-flowing melody behind the song, adding some arena rock vibes to the mix, while the percussion hits wonderfully hard leading into every chorus. The result is a bold, enjoyable, and reliable sound that hinges on stadium-sized choruses, introspective lyrics, and Marc’s natural ability to captivate an audience.

Speaking about the new single on his Bandcamp page, Marc explained, “This song swings on the pendulum between being retrospective and reflective about oneself/relationships and looking forward optimistically to the possibility of something new. It questions the notion of 'the one', and cheekily challenges those stereo typical words 'the right one for you is out there somewhere! 'etc. Maybe there isn't a ' one' for everyone.? And ya know what? thats ok for some. For others, there has to be hope that there's someone out there for them. Speaking from the heart, personal experiences and social observations this fresh full band track kicks that question into motion for the listener. It’s up to you what it means to you.”

An artist who has always been able to effortlessly connect with an audience, Marc gives everything to his performances, and you can really hear that in his new single. A strong combination of heavy melodies, catchy riffs, and calling lyrics about the one Marc nearly missed, “The Girl that Doesn’t Exist’ is an impressive next step.

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