MATD feat. Johanna - ‘Driftwood of Love’

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An impressive musical duo that we first met after the release of their adoring single ‘Me and My Dog, MATD are back in perfect form with a very special collaborative single. Backed by the talents of Johanna Koskiniemi, MATD have shared a gripping new release that is dedicated to anyone who never took their chance with someone they were in love with.

A very special release that teaches us all that life is short, and moments are not to be missed, ‘Driftwood of Love’ sees MATD and Johanna asking the simple questions, “is your book of love written?” The new song is a special release for a number of reasons, not only does it mark the first collaboration between MATD and Johanna, but also Johanna’s first recording in English. A wonderfully heartfelt piece, it’s a song that will move you in an instant, drawing you in with hazy, ethereal tones and touches of maritime mysticism.

While originally a release that MATD wrote on their own, Johanna was so moved on first hearing it that she couldn’t wait to be involved. Together, MATD and Johanna created an enduring testament to love and music, capitalising on her tremendous vocal delivery and moving instrumentals that shine with a touch of longing and desire. Steeped in flowing atmospherics and passionate melodies, the song wonderfully reflects the stormy nature of a love not realised, rising in each chorus to create a fitting, yet painful narrative that ‘urges you to grip the driftwood of love’, and surrender to the feeling.

Speaking about the single, MATD shared in their press release, “This song is dedicated to those who never took their chances and gripped someone they were in love with! Life is short and we flow in the big sea of love. Sometimes we remember the time when we should have taken a step and do something, be honest and fulfil our book of love! Is your book of love written?”

Available now, the ‘Driftwood of Love’ was released alongside a fittingly evocative music video, which was made by Mikael Hindsberg. You can stream the video below via YouTube.

Built on the creative talents of Veli Eronen and Marcos Kuusjärvi, MATD began life as a band called Max And The Ducks, shortening the name simply to MATD as they grew. While best known for ‘Me and My Dog’, the band have continued to experiment and grow their sound, pushing boundaries with releases alongside artists like Nida, Erja, Gaugolon, and more. For Johanna, the single is a massive milestone for her, becoming her first international release. A talented Finnish singer, Johanna has been involved with music all her life, studying piano, saxophone, and trumpet and taking singing lessons. She has also participated in various theatre productions and has studied music and acting abroad.

A testament to the power of the song, ‘Driftwood of Love’ inspired designer Päivi Anttila to create a jewellery set to highlight the content and the message of the song. Made of Finnish birch tree, glass beads and steel which reflect the elements of water, life and love, the jewellery can be seen in the video, worn by Johanna. They are available in the online store and are a perfect gift to someone you love.

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