Michèle Ducray - 'Manifesto'

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The sensational new video and single for New Zealand based dark pop artist Michèle Ducray, 'Manifesto' is a stark, pop-infused horror story about a serial killer chasing their victim, who might not be such a victim after all.

A stunning dark pop artist, Michèle Ducray creates spellbinding songs about fantasy intertwined with the mystical. Inspired by mysterious and sinister themes such as horror and the colorful characteristics of circus life, Ducray’s songs are laced with vivid imagery and suspenseful storylines.

Ducray’s musical influences include Pavarotti and Ladysmith Black Mambazo, reminiscent of her early childhood. Her sound is 'haunted pop', characterized by a mix of intoxicating vocals, deep drum & bass, and lucid pop melodies for a melancholic yet energetically upbeat immersion of seductive tones. When she creates music, Ducray visualizes fantastical scenarios, utilising metaphorical subconscious imagery. A self-confessed "fan of the peculiar", this, perhaps, is best demonstrated through her enigmatic 'Peter Pan' style on stage.

Raised in both South Africa and China, Michèle Ducray emerged from a culturally diverse childhood and discovered her immense affinity for music at the very young age of eleven. By the time she was just fifteen years old, the artist realized her raw talent for songwriting while in a recording studio in ChristChurch New Zealand and decided to further her studies at a local jazz institution for formal training. From there, her music career took off, and she began writing, recording and playing shows in both New Zealand and Australia.

The artist's latest single 'Manifesto' is “a pop-infused horror story about a serial killer chasing a victim, who might not be such a victim after all,” reveals Ducray. The daring track highlights Ducray’s vocalprowess soaring overpulsatingeuphoric EDM-infused beats. The thrilling story is one that the listener sees unfold, switching their perceptions on right and wrong.

Finding success performing at major festivals includingRolling Meadows,Soundsplash and Electric Avenue, Michèle Ducray is one of New Zealand’s most exciting rising artists. With “Manifesto” set for release April 8th, Ducray is bringing her unique and captivating brand of dark pop to the world.

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