Moonlight Jones - 'Whatcha Doin' To Me'

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The new single and video from Miami-based otherworldly artist and master guitarist Moonlight Jones, this is 'Whatcha Doin' To Me', which blends sensual, Latin-inspired undercurrents with vibrant electric guitar solos and captivating vocals.

Directed by the iconic David Rousseau (Pitbull, Jay Sean, Afrojack) and his team at Doozy Films, the music video for 'Whatcha Doin' To Me' follows Moonlight Jones as he serenades a sultry stranger on a chance encounter train ride. The story takes place in France during 1954 and is shot in black and white film to suggest an air of classical romance. At the climax of the song, the film switches to color as Moonlight Jones pops a bottle of champagne and plays his silky-smooth electric guitar riff over a black-sequin dressed dancer. It is a seductive celebration highlighting Moonlight Jones’ vocal prowess and warm ambiance.

Moonlight Jones has assembled a Grammy award-winning team to introduce an innovative and eclectic style of music deemed 'Cosmic Soul', an enthralling and fluid blend of Latin music, R&B, Blues and Rock. 'Whatcha Doin' To Me' perfectly encompasses these ideals while showcasing sensual, refined vocals, burgeoning electric guitar solos, and a base track that is intrinsically captivating. Put these three together, and it creates a track that is unremarkably eclectic yet classically inspired.

Written alongside highly acclaimed producer Nino Valentino and collaborator Doug Emery, 'Whatcha Doin' To Me' is an aromatic, modern fusion of vibrant culture and seductive sounds. 

Since releasing his debut single 'Hot Night' earlier this year, Moonlight Jones has become an international recording sensation, receiving acclaim from Earmilk, Deco Drive, NBC’s 6 in The Mix and Great Day Live to name a few. 'Whatcha Doin' To Me' is an exciting next step in Moonlight Jones’ career.

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