Oliver Tree & Little Big – ‘Turn It Up’

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When it comes to Oliver Tree, you never know what’s going to happen next. A loosely defined and wonderfully bewildering singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and lord-knows-what-else, Oliver first rose to promise a few years back thanks to a string of brilliant, but mad singles and one of the most iconic bowl cuts of recent years. After dropping his debut record, ‘Ugly Is Beautiful’ last year and enlisting the talents of his alien friend Little Ricky ZR3, Oliver promptly announced his retirement from music, creating a sudden end to one of the most bizarre musical journeys of recent years.

Despite the retirement, Oliver returned in February this year, announcing a new single in ‘Out of Ordinary’, along with a second, country-themed album called ‘Cowboy Tears’. While it’s still yet to be seen if ‘Cowboy Tears’ will ever materialise, what we know for sure is that Oliver has just dropped another new single, and this time it’s with the equally bizarre Little Big.

Titled ‘Turn It Up’, the new single was dropped just a few hours ago and follows on from a series of social media posts that have shown Oliver building a new life in Russia. Teaming up with Little Big, who are best known for their viral hit ‘SKIBIDI’, and the always exciting Tommy Cash, the new cut is just as weird, wild, and wonderful as anything Oliver has done before. The new clip was dropped without any real fanfare, although Oliver did announce the inspiration behind the track on Facebook say, “Kanye took me off Donda so I dropped my verse on a song with Little Big & Tommy Cash. New music video out now!”

You can stream the new track, along with its colourful new video below, which was directed by Alina Pasok, Oliver Tree, and Iliya Prusikin.

Hidden in the caption of the video, Little Big have also slyly announced a new EP with Oliver, titled ‘Welcome To The Internet’, which is set to drop on September 30th. Check out the new single above and be sure to let us know all your fan theories about what the next chapter of Oliver’s colourful life might hold.

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