Parmy Dhillon - ‘Life Live Love’

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One of our favourite, Melbourne-based songwriters, Parmy Dhillon is back with his most authentic, personal, and reflective releases to date. Titled ‘Life Live Love’, the new single is a heartfelt celebration of life that sees Parmy delivering his classic, poignant lyrics and songwriting, while delving into a far heavier rock sound than we’ve heard in his earlier work.

Written days after the passing of his father, ‘Life Live Love’ is a perfect ‘Parmy track’, showcasing his raw, passionate lyricism, evocative delivery, and keen ear for a sure fire hook. Built on a searing guitar line that works its way into a dark, melodic hold, while Parmy backs it all with his rugged vocals and a simple, clear message. With a touch of 90’s grunge in tow, Parmy opens the song with a timeless refrain, “In the end, I think I’ve found out what it means to be alive…”, setting the tone and motion of the song within seconds.

While earlier releases from Parmy have been heavily influenced by artists like Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Blind Melon, ‘Life Live Love’ veers more towards Nick Cave and Nirvana, capturing a raw, reflective sound that you can’t tear yourself away from. The lyrics are simple, but constantly effective, dragging you in with every verse and chorus, while always holding firm to a heavy, irrepressible guitar line.

While no stranger to tackling the darker side of life in his music, particularly in tracks like ‘Remember’, ‘Life Live Love’ is something different, ushering in a whole new tone and character to Parmy’s music. You can stream the new single below alongside its official music video.

While the new single stands tall in its own right, it's also part of a brand new EP of the same title. A revealing and wonderfully cultivated EP, it packages the standout single alongside ‘Oh Nikki', and three live tracks recorded at The Gasometer. It also arrives as Parmy is back on the road, touring throughout New South Wales for most of November and December with the ‘Life Live Love' tour.

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