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Party Nails - 'Someway, Somehow'

  • 2 min read

The new single from Los Angeles based alt-pop singer and songwriter Party Nails, 'Someway, Somehow' is a cinematic anthem ripe with vocal harmonies, fuzzed guitars, and a hook that pronounces boundless, timeless love.

Before she was Party Nails, Elana Carroll was a guitar-toting tween songwriter, playing any open mic she could near her hometown of Chatham, New York. Performing solo or with a band of seasoned adult players backing her up, she wailed lyrics about her family’s divorce, dreams of leaving her small town, and a then-undiagnosed anxiety disorder across biker bars and community centers, often met with tears from patrons moved by her fearless expression of raw emotion. At home she recorded herself with Garageband, instigating a love of music technology which continues to this day.

2023 started off with a bang with 'Like U', a collaboration with Austin-based Boy Sim that PAPER called "reminiscent of '90s and early-2000s rave music". Her second single of 2023 "Bull In A China Shop" was dubbed "chaotically fun", "an irresistible experimental pop meets electronic bop", and "a thrilling, sonically unique arrangement" by the likes of Earmilk, Atwood Magazine and Metal Magazine. 

Her latest offering, the single 'Someway, Somehow' arrives during her west coast tour with Gloomy June, and is a cinematic ear massage ripe with vocal harmonies, fuzzed guitars, and a hook that pronounces boundless, timeless love. "This song feels like something I found. Like it always existed. Like I was on a walk and found it under a rock, as if it were a fossil waiting to be found. It's about the complete, full, forever love you feel for your partner, your parent, your child, your friend, humanity. The deep knowing that you will never, ever stop, in spite of all obstacles."

Since 2020 Party Nails has penned a song about period pride for Kathryn Hahn’s character to sing for Loren Bouchard’s Apple animated series Central Park, wrote and produced the Le Tigre-infused 'Supernatural' for feminist rock duo Deap Vally, and continued to lend her vocals to other musicians (LŪN and Urban Heat both released music featuring Party Nails in 2022).

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