Petruska – ‘In the Game Again’

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A unique and talented representative of the Hungarian pop scene, Petruska has emerged as one of the central figures in the country’s art-pop revolution. Armed with a mature music style that blends the energies of classic rock with electronic beats and playful experimental harmonies, his sound is powerful, emotive, and backed by striking lyrics that encapsulate the themes and ideas characteristic of Generation Y.

Since 2020, the colourful and expansive world that Petruska has staged has continued to draw acclaim, delivering three impressive albums and a string of vibrant singles. With each release, Petruska has added another nuanced layer to his ever-evolving aesthetic, creating a gorgeous web of sounds and style that reflects the life experience and feelings of his generation. Recently, Petruska has been moved to bring his sound to an international audience, expanding his reach and spreading his enchanting sound across the globe with the release of new single, ‘In the Game Again’.

A single that takes a steady look back into the colourful world of ‘80s new wave, ‘In the Game Again’ cuts a unique path, one that echoes with decades of style and experimentation. Lyrically, the song inventively paraphrases the famous ideas of the movie ‘War Games’, showing that no matter what you choose to fight, to succeed, you have to play.

Speaking openly about the new single, Petruska explained, “What is the game, really? I preferred to leave that question open than being specific about it. I can hardly think of any part of life where I haven’t been knocked out of the race for a period of time. You know, love, mental health, career issues, generation related questions etc. But sooner or later there was always something that helped me to get back on track. Something or someone that made me realize how great resources I have. And that’s the trick, really. Because when you’re in a crisis, you just don’t look over it. You only get a really narrow slice of the canvas, though the whole picture with all the details of your wisdom is still there, you just have to pay attention to it.”

Petruska continued, speaking of the song’s video, “Our main purpose was to shoot an organic video. No storyline or role-playing but to have my most natural reactions caught on film. I think building a house of cards is a good metaphor for the message of the song, especially when you think about it, that you see my first-ever attempt of doing that. It’s all about trying harder after every failure and it's pure fun at the same time. It’s pretty much my life.”

You can stream the single above and make sure you lend your support to Petruska and his musical journey by following him on social media below.

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