Popes of Chillitown - ‘Take A Picture'

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Popes of Chillitown have released a brand new music video for their anthemic ska-pop track 'Take A Picture'. The single is the second to release from their forthcoming fourth album of the same name.

Initially emerging from the UK ska/punk scene, Popes quickly established themselves as keen to break conventions and incorporate wider influences into their sound. Impossible to tie down and with enough energy to power a small city, their songs drag you through punk, two-tone, rock, hip-hop, reggae, drum & bass, dub, metal and more.

As vocalist Matt Conner explains, the single "compares my own experience of religion to that of many others, suggesting that most (Abrahamic) religions are essentially one and the same. It's just as much about existentialism, in that what you leave behind you qualifies your life in some way... Prayers are only as strong as the strength of the faith in the person saying them."

Renowned for their energetic live shows, the band have amassed a loyal following over the years. Since 2011, Popes have released three well-received albums and two EPs, amassing millions of streams. They've also toured relentlessly and have supported UK and US legends Fishbone, Voodoo Glow Skulls & The Slackers on the road.

The forthcoming album is a genre-denying melée of energetic, fiercely catchy and immersive songs, bringing together all the diverse influences in the band.  Their eagerly anticipated fourth album is now available to pre-order on signed CD, Digital and 12" Splatter Vinyl, releasing on Criminal Records June 30th.

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