Psychoid & Year 2087 – ‘Psychoid’

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There’s something special about collaborative releases, where two artists’ styles and ideas blend into one unique release and showcase the best of both their talents. One such track that has recently appeared on our radar is the eponymously titled ‘Psychoid’, a release that sees two of Chicago’s most intriguing underground artists and producers joining forces in spectacular style.

Talented vocalists and producers in their own right, Psychoid and Year 2087 have been carving up the Chicago scene for years now, delivering a spirited string of beats, cuts, and tracks that have critics and fans enraptured. Together, they’ve strung together one of this year’s most intoxicating hybrid anthems, layering rock vibes and rap instincts in a bold maelstrom of sound that is simply titled ‘Psychoid’.

Featuring production by Year 2087 and vocals by Psychoid, the new cut is a tour de force of off-kilter beats and heavy-hitting vocals, crackling with anarchistic charm and free-burning energy that refuses to quit. In the instrumentals, the duo weaves a dark web of howling tones and kaleidoscopic sounds, creating a rampant, undeniable sound that gets under your skin and kickstarts your pulse.

Between their talents, Psychoid and Year 2087 have developed a vicious, enjoyable cut, one that revels in a sharp, twisted contrast between the shadowed, reverberating vocals in each chorus and the heavier verse that lands time and time again. It’s a brilliant mix, and it’ll have you reaching for the replay button time and time again. Tune in to the new cut via Spotify, and alongside an AI animated visualiser below.

Possibly one of the most invigorating tracks we’ve come across this year, ‘Psychoid’ hits with tenacity, allowing both artists to be heard and make their mark. Available now via No Trend Records, along with a second collaborative single from the pair, ‘Psychoid’ is modern rap at its most visceral.

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