Raave Tapes drop introspective pop-anthem ‘I Just Wanna Be Alone’ and announce their long-awaited debut album

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Raave Tapes have announced their forthcoming debut LP, set for release on the 24th of May. The announcement coincides with the release of the album's third single ‘I Just Wanna Be Alone’; a stunning alt-pop track that demonstrates the full range of the bands ever-changing sonic palette. 

Following the huge hype from the album’s second single ‘k hi’ released earlier this year, ‘I Just Wanna Be Alone’ shows a completely different side to Raave Tapes - opting for a little more subtlety in its production, letting Lindsay’s vocals really shine through. The track centres around the idea of new-found individualism, finding solitary happiness that doesn’t always rely on a connection to others. 

Lindsay O’Connell of the band shared, “There's not much that the title doesn't address with 'I Just Want to be Alone'. It's a song born out of the cycle of mid-20s dating, figuring out how to spend time by yourself and most of all, being comfortable in your own skin. There is something quite special about a pop anthem you can sing in the mirror to reaffirm all of the self improvement beliefs, from 'You never wrote back/I didn't mind at all' to 'I don't want to be something that I'm not'.”

The album was produced, recorded and co-written by long-time collaborator Fletcher Matthews (Dear Seattle, Trophy Eyes, The Buoys), who has helped drive the band as they’ve worked tirelessly towards a new stylistic direction over the past few years. The album itself was a big undertaking, as the band started with little more than a good attitude at the beginning of the writing process.

Joab Eastley from Raave Tapes also added, “We went into this album with a completely blank slate, and no preconceived notions of what it was going to sound like. We wanted to create a body of work that fully captured the new direction we’ve been edging toward for the last few years. We’ve been working with our producer Fletch for so long now that we didn’t really need to fully discuss the direction of the record or a game plan, we just went to work in the time we had. We had our workflow down and a shared vision - which made bouncing ideas around so much easier when you’re all pulling in the same direction from the get go. Like a well oiled machine, except the oil was caffeine and very very late nights."

Although the band have been incredibly busy behind the scenes, their live schedule hasn’t slowed down in the slightest over the last 12 months, with recent appearances at BIGSOUND, SXSW, Laneway Festival and Brisbane’s Mountain Goat Valley Crawl. No stranger to the big stage, RAAVE TAPES have previously toured with the likes of Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and These New South Whales, and have supported bands such as The Presets, Northeast Party House, Slumberjack, Crooked Colours and many more over the years.

The band's previous single ‘k hi’ saw plenty of support on triple J and Unearthed; with a first play on Home and Hosed, Unearthed rotation and RAGE rotation - all within the first week of release. Their early 2023 single ‘I Will Let You Down’ saw the band receive their first triple J rotation add, followed by ‘Goodbye’ which received a first play on Good Nights. 

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