Radniik – ‘Existential Bliss'

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Over the last few years, Radniik has become one of the biggest names that you might not know. A massively talented producer, he has become a central figure of the LA and NYC scenes, cutting an innovative path that blends trap, dubstep, and glitch-hop with more sonically charged and wonderfully vibrant soundscapes.

Since arriving on the scene, Radniik has been a driving force behind some of the most innovative movements in the EDM scene, and his talents have grown to include being an accomplished DJ, NFT artist, and software engineer.

After releasing his debut single in 2020, Radniik has continued to tread his own path through the music scene, capitalising on his fierce creativity and seemingly unlimited passion to transform the modern age. Musically, his style is energetic, expressive, and utterly irrepressible, carving out a deliberate path that takes the most invigorating elements of modern dubstep and classic trap to create something unique to his own kaleidoscopic vision.

Recently, we shone a light on his acclaimed EP, ‘UNKNOWN SESSIONS, Vol. 1’, and today, we’re incredibly excited to be showcasing another of his best works to date, the brilliant ‘Existential Bliss’. An expansive track that bleeds with hidden depth, the new cut pulls no punches, delivering a dynamic sound that asks the question, "if you're so smart, why aren't you happy?"

You can stream the stellar single below alongside the official video or catch it on our annual Spotify playlist where it’s playing alongside a stream of other massive tracks from some of the year’s most impressive new talents.

Along with his work as a producer and DJ, Radniik is also the co-founder of StemsDAO, a platform revolutionising remix culture by giving artists the opportunity to drop stems and allowing others to sample those stems and create remixes.

For more from Radniik, be sure to check out his social media pages below and follow him on Spotify where you can catch more of his incredible cuts.

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