Sam Matthews – ‘We Come In Peace’

When we last heard from Sam Matthews, he was championing polished EDM sound with the release of ‘Après Minuit’, a bold, electrifying single that shone with gorgeous pop overtones. Currently signed to independent dance label Mental Madness Records, Sam is arguably one of Germany’s most sought-after DJs, and with tracks like ‘We Come In Peace’, it’s easy to understand why.

With a keen ear for heavy beats, cascading melodies, and awe-inspiring drops, Sam has constantly pushed the boundaries of his innovative style, creating a fresh and wonderfully modern sound that is as bold as it is intoxicating. While his previous singles have explored an expansive array of electronic sounds, his new single is something more unexpected, blending timeless grooves with more contemporary swing.

Accompanying the track, Sam has also shared another impressive music video, one that rallies around the central melody of the song and carries it perfectly. The video arrived only a few days ago, premiering on YouTube alongside a caption that adds further context to the piece.

“Sam Matthews showed already in the past that he sometimes does unexpected things and ’We Come In Peace’ is a great example of that. The track is built on a swing groove in a 1920’s style mixed with a pumping bass and a vocal which sounds like aliens will take over the world. Enjoy the fun track that for will be unique and outstanding in any playlist or DJ set!”

You can check out the new single and visual below, which offer a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of this massive new release.

Available now on all major streaming platforms, and on our very own Spotify playlist for 2022, ‘We Come In Peace’ is an engaging introduction to Sam’s unique and wonderfully diverse style. For more from Sam Matthews, make sure that you follow him on his social media pages below.

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