Sasha Anne - 'Scars'

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A talented singer, actress, and influencer who is best known for her recent film role and her popular YouTube channel, Sasha Anne is a rising talent set to make her mark. Alongside her acting, Sasha has also spent the last few years carving out an impressive musical career, delivering modern pop singles like the polished and empowering 'Scars'.

Sasha took her music career to new heights in 2022 when she released her debut single, delivering a stellar cover of the smash hit 'Catch Me, I'm Falling' by Pretty Poison with Jade Starling. It was a release that put Sasha firmly in the spotlight, earning over 100,000 views for the music video, and taking the number one spot on the indie pop charts.

With 'Scars', Sasha has shared her first piece of original music, delivering a powerhouse performance that is backed by some truly mesmerising pop sounds. Along with the release of the single, Sasha has also shared the official music video, which has already gained over one million views since its release.

The release itself is an incredible emotional one for Sasha, as she explained, "'Scars' is a very emotional, uplifting and powerful song. When recording, I had to sort of go back to when I was in a difficult time and make it heard in my voice. It was like acting. It was more difficult to bring that past to present when I was shooting the video but it’s so special to me because it’s something that I went through and I know that everyone will be able to relate in some way."

She continued, speaking about the video, "This song is a mental health message, but is also for anyone going through something and overcoming it and becoming stronger. I want to tell you all that you are not alone and will get through whatever it is."

After leaving New York for Los Angeles and launching her acting career, starring in the indie horror film 'Reeds Point: Bad Blood Never Dies', Sasha has become one of the hottest talents around.

Along with the release of 'Scars', Sasha has already shared an impressive collection of remixes and reworks for the single, which you can stream on Spotify.

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