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SlickMick - 'Dance With A Car In Pattaya'

  • 1 min read

Turning tragedy into inspiration, SlickMick is a new kind of rapper that has been making waves with his authentic take on Australian hip-hop.

A 21-year-old freestyle rapper from Sydney, Australia, and self-awarded “cone puncher of the year”, SlickMick has had something of a difficult past. While travelling through Thailand, disaster struck in the city of Pattaya, and the young Australian rapper was hit by a car, leaving him with a bleed on the brain and an inability to make new memories.

It was an affliction that dogged him for months and led to him catching the “post-traumatic amnesia bug”. In a showing of strength, SlickMick has managed to turn his tragedy into a piece of DIY creativity. With instrumentals and backing borrowed from ‘Dance With The Devil’ by Immortal Techniques, SlickMich has pieced together his fragmented memories of the car accident into the narrative-driven cut, ‘Dance With A Car In Pattaya’.

It’s a rolling, 4-minute track that SlickMick “recorded in 1 take like a slickcunt”, and it illustrates his unique, almost unconventional style of rap that has been inspired by the growing Australian hip-hop scene. Check it out above.

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