Sofi Maeda – ‘Ashita’

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Born in Takamatsu, Japan, but now based in Russia, Sofi Maeda first arrived on the music scene at the age of fourteen, recording her debut album ‘You Know Me Well’ with the help of Vitaliy Dmitrenko from Dynamic James. It was a bold release that shone with a vibrant blend of country and pop-rock influences, creating an expansive illustration of her young talents. In 2018, just a few years on from the release of ‘You Know Me Well’, Sofi graduated from high school and decided to head in a new musical direction, leaving behind the rustic country sounds in favour of a more alt-rock vibe.

It was a change that would forever shape Sofi’s music career, and as the years went by, the streams and accolades rolled in. Now, with hundreds of thousands of hits, clicks, and views under her belt, Sofi has made hit out with her biggest release to date. Titled ‘Ashita’, the new single is a stunning aural experience that confirms her star quality and songwriting abilities beyond any possible doubt. Surging into existence with stunning vocals, an unstoppable melody, and massive hooks, ‘Ashita’ perfectly combines sweetness, sincerity, and passion to create a cinematic performance that fans won’t be able to get enough of.

Complete with an equally impressive new video that sees Sofi donning a cape and mask to battle the bad guys in true comic-book style, ‘Ashita’ features a sharp J-pop infusion and spectacular lightsaber duels, making it a true supersonic soundtrack of her very own design. 

Stream the s a stellar new release alongside the official visuals above or tune in to our Spotify playlists where ‘Ashita’ is streaming round the clock. Plus, be sure to follow Sofi on her social media pages below so you never miss a release!

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