Sofi Tukker reunite with The Knocks on collaborative track 'One On One'

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Genre-defying duo Sofi Tukker reunite with electronic music extraordinaires The Knocks on the new invigorating track, 'One On One'. The 80’s-inspired pop/dance anthem features an irresistibly catchy melody and a groove-filled rhythmic bassline that will send listeners straight to the dancefloor.

'One On One' was co-written by Sofi Tukker and The Knocks, along with Martina Sorbara. Adam Pallin and Tino Schmidt, and was produced by The Knocks and 1-900, with additional production by Sofi Tukker.

Releasing alongside the single is the playful and propulsive new music video for 'One On One,' directed by Gina Gizella Manning. The clip features SOFI TUKKER and The Knocks, along with the immersive ensemble Bob’s Dance Shop, who are a staple of SOFI TUKKER’s live sets. The disco-inspired video feels like a throwback to the hedonistic days of Studio 54, capturing the feel-good essence of the track while elevating the dance-filled banger with its colourful and flashy camerawork. Sophie dazzles in a custom look by Brazilian designer Pat Bo.

'One On One' is the third collaboration between SOFI TUKKER and The Knocks. They previously joined forces on the infectious track 'Brazilian Soul,' and the massive single 'Best Friend,' which has racked up 125 million streams on Spotify alone, and was certified Gold in the U.S. & Mexico, and Platinum in Canada. The track was also used in countless placements including a commercial for Apple’s iphoneX, in the film Oceans 8, on Major League Baseball’s Network MLB Central and the FIFA 18 soundtrack to name a few.

Speaking about 'One On One,' Sofi Tukker comment, "First ‘Best Friend,’ then ‘Brazilian Soul,’ now ‘One On One’...we love making music with our friends. The Knocks are literally one of the reasons we are even a band and it feels so good every time we work together. Being in the studio together again just felt like friends goofing off. It was fun to play a sort of disco-character on this one, which we've never really done before. It's a sexy, bouncy song ultimately about ...desire - we just love it and can't stop dancing to it."

The Knocks add, "We’re really excited to have another song with our old friends, Sofi Tukker! We go way back with these two, knowing them before they were even a duo. We have been through a lot together and it feels very full circle. This song came about after we all had a night out in NYC after not seeing each other for a long time - we were at a club that was playing a lot of cool indie dance and italo disco stuff, and the next day we went into the studio and started this

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