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Stephon Foster – ‘Therapy’

  • 2 min read

When we last heard from the wonderful Stephon Foster, she had just released her seminal new album, ‘Beware’, a gorgeous eleven-track release that was built on an undeniable blend of emotion, heartfelt vocals, and perfectly cultivated beats. Since then, we’ve been missing her unique and emotive blend of modern pop and sultry R&B, waiting for the day she would be back on our radar.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait any longer, with Stephon announcing the release of her touching and all too relatable new single, ‘Therapy’. A deeply moving single that sees Stephon continuing to grow as both an artist and a person, ‘Therapy’ delivers one of the most honest and exciting vocal lines of the year, layering smooth melodic progressions with a raw and unapologetically free sound that triumphs over past traumas and personal struggles.

With a simple, but wonderfully effective lo-fi sound, the single is a subtle but powerful piece, creating a brilliant R&B-infused release that shines with modern soul vocals and flickering trip-hop vibes. For any artist, ‘Therapy’ would be a dynamic, breakthrough release, but for Stephon, it’s just another captivating illustration of her stunning musical abilities.

Speaking openly about the new single, Stephon explained, “My new song ‘Therapy’ is here! Don’t we all need a little bit? This sound is about owning your self-esteem and owning that you can’t be perfect in your own eye or anyone for that matter. We can be our own worst enemy sometimes! This is my first major release since my last album ‘Beware’. I hope you guys like this new tune! Thank you all for the support and the people who have been with me through every step of the way. You are the true heroes!”

Taking centre stage, Stephon’s vocals are simply beautiful, adding warmth to the more defining moments, before veering off for that essential twist of unpredictable expression that lives in every one of Stephon’s releases. With textured refrained and gentle fade-outs from lines like “Because I feel nobody is listening”, the new single is particularly powerful, bringing a poignant and poetic sound to the closing bars. It’s a wonderful moment and one that will stay with you long after the single has ended.

Alongside the single, Stephon has also released a new lyric video, which helps to emphasise the track’s power. Bringing together a string of impressive animations alongside the lyrics, it creates a complete listening experience that you won’t want to miss out on. Tune into the new video above via YouTube, and make sure you check out some of Stephon’s other releases to really experience her bold and emotive style.

Defining personal turmoil after losing a parent alongside a string of broken relationships, ‘Therapy’ perfectly showcases vulnerability and honesty, creating a relatable and captivating sound that is sure to impress. Arguably the strongest and most memorable release from Stephon Foster to date, ‘Therapy’ is available now on Spotify and most major platforms.

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