Stevie Burr – ‘Lonely Street’

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A talented singer, songwriter, and recording artist from Corio, Australia, Stevie Burr has an undeniable sound that can calm any crowd. With a unique talent for writing songs that are infused with charming, honest vocals, and textured acoustic sounds, Stevie has become a fixture of Australia’s contemporary rock scene, winning over fans and critics alike with a stream of impressive singles that date back to the early days of 2017.

In true form, all of Steve’s songs shine with authenticity, reflecting moments and experiences that he has shared to create a relatable and expressive sound that echoes in time. For his first release of the new year, Stevie has raised the bar on his brilliant independent rock sound, lashing out with the brilliant ‘Lonely Street’.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Brendan Marolla and Lyndon Wesley of Melbourne’s Bound Recording Studios, ‘Lonely Street’ is a touching dedication to his Grandfather, Leon Hargreaves, who sadly passed away in 2017. Speaking openly about the single and its importance, Stevie took to his Facebook page saying, “A wise, wise man once said to me... He said that you've gotta stand tall and be tough in life sometimes. He said surround yourself with quality, not quantity. He said only fight if you have no other choice. If you can walk away, then walk away, if you can't then you make sure they wish they had of let you.”

“This man taught me to look at life differently, he taught me to see the good in someone that others might not see, he taught me to always be polite, he taught me that respect is earnt it's not just given, he taught me to be grateful of what you've got not what you haven't got, and in passing he taught me tomorrow is promised to know one. It took me a lot of years to actually see what this man was teaching me and had taught me through being young and stupid thinking I knew it all as a lot of young people do. He taught me life is about making mistakes, and if ya fall and graze ya knees get back up and keep moving forward. This man was my pop, this song was inspired by stories my pop would tell me, it was inspired by personal experiences.”

“This song is a metaphor for anyone that knows what it's like to do life the hard way, that has grown up in an environment that wasn't by choice, that has had to grit their teeth and fight for the right reasons and fight for their flesh and blood which is family. I can never speak to my pop again I can only try and see what he was actually trying to teach me from when I was a kid until the day he passed, I'd give the world to talk to him one more time but all I got now is the tools he left me with. And one of those main tools he left me with is music, I wouldn't have it in me if it wasn't for him. So, I'd like to dedicate this song to my pop.”

Along with the release of ‘Lonely Street’, Stevie is also currently championing the release of ‘Freedom’, another empowering single that is available now on all major platforms. With both tracks released via Cyph Records, and another three songs set to be released over the next few months, there’s never been a better time to get acquainted with Stevie’s stellar sound.

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