Supreme Unbeing - 'Scarecrow'

Supreme Unbeing is an elusive five-piece metal band cloaked in mystery. Led by vocalist Zac Red, who taps into the depths of the human psyche to unfold paramount messages for the benefit of mankind, accompanied by his most terrifying thoughts The Demon, The Shadow, The Nightmare, and The Legend.

Although the band just recently played their first show on Earth for a sold-out crowd in Stockholm, Sweden, their impact has been felt in the physical domain since the release of their two full-length albums 'Enter Reality' and 'Enduring Physicality' amassing a fan-base reaching all across the globe. Highlights include over 10 million streams and noteworthy reviews and premieres in esteemed magazines such as Revolver, Metal Hammer, Rock Hard, Sweden Rock Magazine as well as landing Spotify editorial playlisting's for multiple singles.

Despite all the success, the band has felt uncomfortable with their visual imagery, as it was based on cartoonish animation from their first music videos. That’s why the band has decided to drop their previous monikers and adopt a ghastly new identity for the release of their nightmarish, yet head-bangingly persuasive, new song – 'Scarecrow'.

“When the night falls the frights and phobias of mankind come alive, and the scarecrow of your mind reminds you of who controls your fantasy. Yes, the creepy scarecrow! Often presenting itself as a demon in your dreams or a shadow in the night, the scarecrow stirs up your own beliefs and nurtures your most horrifying fantasies. No one can escape the scarecrow.” Says Zac Red.

With over 7 million views combined on YouTube for the most popular tracks 'Animals', which featured ex-Megadeth bassist David Ellefson in a cartoon render, and the tracks 'Face Of Evil', 'Hide The Beast', 'Savior' all featuring Swedish actor Dragomir Mrsic (known from Snabba Cash, and Edge Of Tomorrow co-starred along Tom Cruise) Supreme Unbeing continues their tradition of visualizing their music in a cinematic, action-filled, fashion. This time by partnering with G13 Production House, who have produced recent videos for the likes of Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Behmoth, Kreator and many more, to capture the horrifying essence of the scarecrow.

The video, filmed in an actual abandoned laboratory in Wroclaw, Poland which was used during WW2 in thought-control experiments, may scare the living guts out of us all as we get to revisit the mad scientist who tried to create the perfect demon.

Mixed and mastered by world-renowned producer and engineer Lasse Lammert (Alestorm, Gloryhammer and countless more), the track is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube (video) and all major streaming services.

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