The Kecks – ‘Tonight Might Be Different’

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A band who are based in the creative heart of Hamburg, Germany, The Kecks have been carving their own path through Europe’s underground scene for the past few years, creating a distinctive and fiercely original sound that has been described “as a German answer to The Strokes, with a European twist.”

Consisting of members from the UK, Austria, Australia and Germany, the band have made their mark by combining sharp, garage fuelled indie-rock with crisp pop sensibility and a wonderful DIY ethic that is as intoxicating as it is enjoyable. A true illustration of their sound, the band’s latest single is arguably their most accomplished to date, delivering a fierce indie rock sound in the form of ‘Tonight Might Be Different’.

Released only recently on Blagger Records, ‘Tonight Might Be Different’ comes completed with a cinematic new video, that was cut together by U.S cinematographer and director Andy Ray Lemon - director of the cult underground grunge documentary MondoFuzz. The Kecks have long been fans of his work since first discovering his infamous documentary upon its release. Once Andy heard the song, he immediately set about patching together some old trash VHS footage, adding some psychedelic visual effects and cutting together a short narrative and creating the final brilliant clip.

The pop-punk and alt-rock influences in the Kecks’ sound is unmistakable, and the new single delivers a bold blend of driven guitars that are set adrift amidst a wide range of other elements, rhythmic drums, and a rolling bassline that creates a tightknit groove. Charged with some truly impressive vocals, and ‘Tonight Might Be Different’ is a certified banger.

Unable to tour during the pandemic, the band focused on live streams (playing for War Child and Music Venue Trust in the UK) as well as socially distanced gigs that were professionally filmed (Molotow Live, Qatantunes Live Germany). The Kecks are a band you really don’t want to sleep on, so make sure you check out the new single above and support them on social media.

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Photograph by Denis Uhreniuk

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