The Sea Gypsies - 'Where We Left Off'

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Armed with the type of energy we should all be taking into this summer, Central Coast five-piece The Sea Gypsies present their new track, ‘Where We Left Off’. A reflective song that takes stock of the band’s journey over the past year and a half, tinged with optimism as they look forward to a fruitful year ahead, ‘Where We Left Off’ is a sun-kissed three-and-a-half minute indie romp. Following on from the band’s previous single ‘Daydream’, ‘Where We Left Off’ is an exciting taste of what’s to come from The Sea Gypsies as 2022 beckons.

Recorded between The Grove Studios in Somersby and Yap Yap Studios in Coogee, ‘Where We Left Off’ brought The Sea Gypsies back together with frequent collaborator, renowned engineer Jack Nigro (Julia Jacklin, SKEGSS, DMA’S). The demo for ‘Where We Left Off’, originally developed by guitarist Dan Hoolihan, was created roughly half a year before the rest of the band heard it. The weight of its central ideas and themes eventually drew out some of the band’s best work together yet.

The band explained, “We want people to be reminded of what life was like pre-COVID. The song tells the story of our struggles of surviving the pandemic as a band, and the effects that the music industry has felt throughout this time.”

The music video for ‘Where We Left Off’, directed by Mitch Gates at various locations on the Central Coast, depicts The Sea Gypsies’ sense of personality and humour in spades, while also featuring special turn performances from the band’s dads!

“We are an easy-going group of guys. You may be surprised to hear that most of our practices are centred on joking around and ripping on each other for the first few hours. We wanted that fun, light-hearted atmosphere to find its way to our audience. We hope that when you watch our video, you have a laugh and enjoy the show!”, the band continued.

The return of The Sea Gypsies earlier this year broke a two year period of quiet (of sorts), following on from a significant touring schedule in support of their warmly-received debut album 'Movements'. The record propelled the band onto the national radar and solidified The Sea Gypsies as one of Australia’s exciting and formidable bands when it came to the development of the surf-licked indie roots sound that has now become a mainstay of popular Australian music.

With more music in the pipeline for 2022, The Sea Gypsies latest offerings serve as a strong reminder of their talent and how their time off road has produced some of their most dynamic music yet.

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