The Terrifying Lows – ‘Waiting For The Sun’

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Set to unveil his debut studio record this November, Melbourne-based musician and Gamilaroi artist The Terrifying Lows returns with its next taste: the darkly captivating ‘Waiting For The Sun’.

The latest single from The Terrifying Lows follows on from previous release 'Belladonna' - a track that demonstrated his penchant for bringing layered pop textures together with great rock songwriting flair. ‘Waiting For The Sun’ follows suit, serving up just over four minutes of music that could sit just as comfortably in a catalogue of Royal Blood and Mini Mansions sounds as well as his own.

‘Waiting For The Sun’ was recorded at a number of Melbourne locations: The Aviary Studios, Tyler’s home studio and the studio space of drummer Pete Marin. Working with Alex Markwell (The Delta Riggs) on mixing and Joe Carra (POND, The Drones) on mastering, the track had a dream team behind it to bring it to its final, polished form.

“‘Waiting For The Sun’ is about a strange and dark time in my life when, for a long while, I was having very vivid and graphically violent nightmares and I was doing just about anything to stay up and not go to sleep. I can’t remember how long this went on for. Any length of time I pull out of my memory of this period seems too absurd to be real.”

The music video for ‘Waiting For The Sun’ captures this sense of surrealness and intensity. Directed by Millot, shot by Naomi Oakley and edited by Willy Pleasance, the ‘Waiting For The Sun’ video was put together in the midst of Melbourne’s sixth lockdown, using themes of isolation as inspiration.

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