Tr1ple – ‘Undone’ (feat. Kayla Jaye)

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A multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Perth, Australia, Tr1ple is on the verge of becoming on the nation’s most well-known talents, and it's all thanks to the release of his collaborative new single, ‘Undone’. A lavish slow pop release that features the incredible Kayla Jaye, ‘Undone’ is easily one of the most captivating new releases to arrive this month, and we’re so proud to be able to feature it.

An evocative release that shines wit tempered electronics and a shimmering pop vibe, ‘Undone’ was written during the making of a Christmas song last year. While Tr1ple and Kayla’s vision might have veered away from its festive origins, ‘Undone’ has lost none of the heart or soul in the transition, soaring well above the mainstream with a lightness and vulnerability that few artists are brave enough to present. An honest break-up song with a noticeable twist, the instruments and production were done entirely by Tr1ple, with his music setting a powerful foundation for Kayla’s calling vocals and all too relatable lyrics.

Based on the old adage that you make your bed and have to sleep in it, the lyrics see Kayla playful twisting tradition, singing sweetly that “that he made his bed now, but now she has to sleep in it as a consequence of the breakup”.

Alongside the single, Tr1ple and Kayla have also produced a stunning music video that is filled to the brim with visceral scenes and incredible moments that reflect the power and raw emotion of the song in perfect form. You can check out the video below via YouTube.

Easily one of 2021’s most intoxicating and important new releases, ‘Undone’ is a stellar indication of Tr1ple and Kayla’s talents, and if it’s not become one of the biggest songs in Australia by the end of the year, then something is very, very wrong.

Along with the video, you can also stream ‘Undone’ on all major platforms, as well as on our very own Spotify playlists and digital radio station, Broken 8 Radio.

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