WILD OPERA - ‘Dream of Reason’

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A unique musical project built from singers, songwriters and ambient metal renegades from Spain and the UK, WILD OPERA might not be one of the most well-known collectives, but they certainly deserve to be. A band that we first met after the release of their titanic single ‘All She Wants Is…’, they’ve been slowly carving a path through the independent scene, building a loyal fanbase and delivering new singles like ‘Dream of Reason’.

A studio-based group who writing songs for themselves, other artists, film and television, WILD OPERA have become synonymous with melodic, ambient metal, combining elements of classic shoegaze and caustic metal to create dark, captivating soundscapes that hit hard and leave a lasting impression. Comprised of Steve Boyce on guitars, keys and programming and Chris O´Brien on vocals, keys and programming, they’ve had a string of slow-burning successes over the past year, but nothing can compare to their latest single.

A song that completely dominates all other sounds, ‘Dream of Reason’ opens onto a shimmering plane of astral sounds, building itself from waves of sound that build effortlessly. As the vocals hit, WILD OPERA unleashed grittier undertones, lashing out with venom and layering the instrumentals with some harsh criticisms of society, before the whole thing breaks down into a titanic maelstrom of caustic, semi-industrial sounds.

It’s a disarming and undeniable release, and it has been paired perfectly with the music video that features a dark collage of scenes that showcase the dark heart of humanity.

A worthwhile experience for anyone who is open enough to listen, ‘Dream of Reason’ is proof of the band’s talents, as well as a massive statement of intent. Check it out above alongside the official video and make sure you help support them by following the social media pages below.

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