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Yours Truly – ‘Walk Over My Grave’

  • 2 min read

Australian pop-punk titans Yours Truly have recently revealed a brand-new single, and it’s absolutely brilliant. The first taste of the band’s new era after they swept the nation with their debut album last year, ‘Walk Over My Grave’ is everything we’ve come to expect from the band and so much more.

A brash and blistering new single that sees the band toying with the idea of a person haunting you after they may have left your life, the new single is arguably one of the most powerful, leaning heavily on some explosive punk sounds and plenty of modern rock grit. Speaking candidly about the new single, vocalist Mikaila Delgado explained how the track's title stemmed from a comment made by someone who abruptly left her world.

"I shiver a lot, and when I'd shiver this person would say 'someone must be walking over your grave', and that was just a thought that kept coming back to me after we weren't close anymore. I shivered one day as I was driving, and I remember pulling over and writing lyrics. I was wondering, did anything I ever said stick with them? Were they thinking about me too?"

Alongside the new single, the band have also revealed a massive music video that is steeped in gritty imagery and metaphor. A perfect reflection of the dark energy within the track, the video is built on the angry and frustration that Mikaila was carrying with her.

"It’s exactly how I pictured it in my head," she adds of the video. "I always imagined it to be set in 'hell', along the lines of the idea that sometimes you can be stuck in your own head that feels like a hell you can’t escape. I had the idea of using red velvet throughout it because it’s got a very uncomfortable, dark looking vibe to it. I wanted to purvey the mood that I was carrying though uncomfortable imagery like the fabrics and set pieces, body movements and contorted camera angles.”

“Visually, the boys and I made a really concerted effort with our outfits as well. We want to tell a visual story and we want to represent this kind of new music and era we’re stepping into. We don’t want to be rocking up in jeans and t-shirts anymore."

You can check out the new video above and be sure to give the band a follow on their social media accounts below, so you never miss a new release.

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