Biffy Clyro - 'A Celebration of Endings'

Format: LP
Colour: Zoetrope

The new full-length album from the inimitable and ever-excellent Biffy Clyro, offering another dose of their huge, alternative rock-driven tunes with soaring melodies and thrashing instrumentation. Following on from their 2016 studio album ‘Ellipsis’ and the 2019 soundtrack 'Balance, Not Symmetry'.

The band’s approach to ‘A Celebration of Endings’ was simple. Keep things fresh and maintain the wide-eyed wonder of what they do. Surprise themselves and each other. Push things to their furthest extremes. Their first building block in embracing the new was to turn to an old friend. In came Rich Costey, producer of ‘Ellipsis’.

Available on standard black vinyl, Indies exclusive blue vinyl, and as a super-limited edition 'zoetrope' edition from the brilliant Blood Records, it's a must have release for all Biffy Clyro fans.