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Jamie T - Panic Prevention

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The long-awaited vinyl reissue of the debut album from the absolute legend that is Jamie T. This is where it all began. After Peel shows on that acoustic bass from the then skateboarding punk, all the live favourites were put onto an album and it is one of the most important full-lengths ever to us at Banquet. Rooted down the road, he keeps making the returns to Kingston, and while this album isn't really where he is now, it is a classic of our time.


  1. Brand New Bass Guitar
  2. Salvador
  3. Calm Down Dearest
  4. So Lonely Was The Ballad
  5. Back In The Game
  6. Operation
  7. Sheila
  8. Pacemaker
  9. Dry Off Your Cheeks
  10. Ike & Tina
  11. If You Got The Money
  12. Alicia Quays