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Dunkie - Working To Design

An exclusive vinyl release from Sydney label Broken 8 Records and Welsh artist Dunkie, ‘Working To Design’ is a unique and beautifully crafted debut about life, time, and enduring memories.

Previously available as a digital download and gorgeous CD box set, ‘Working to Design’ will now be available on vinyl for the very first time. Pressed as a stunning double LP on clear vinyl with green and black splatter, the album comes complete with a gatefold outer sleeve, lavish art booklet featuring original work by Michael Gustavius Payne, and an exclusive, 7” single featuring two new cuts, 'Choke (feat. Mali Davies)' and 'The Vanishing', taken from Dunkie's new EP. Available as a one-time pressing and limited to only 200 copies, it's the latest, critically-acclaimed release in our exclusive series of pressings and publications.

Originally released in 2020 and dedicated to the memories and lives of loved ones, ‘Working to Design’ is both a personal and professional triumph, showcasing a wonderfully complex and textured journey that delves deep into the human condition, bringing to light heartfelt musings on life, death, love and inevitable loss. A testament to its textured genius and enduring quality, the limited edition CD was inducted into the National Library of Wales and the National British Library Sound Archive in London in the same years of its release, and so we at Broken 8 Records are so proud to be bringing it to vinyl for the very first time.


"I feel safe in saying that 'Working to Design' is a true masterpiece in every respect. It’s quite honestly one of the most perfectly crafted albums I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing." - Jeff Archuleta of EclecticMusicLover

"It is highly probable that “Working to Design” won’t get anywhere the attention it deserves, in fact, that’s pretty much impossible. It is clear though, that it will bring joy to those lucky enough to not only listen to the album but fully immerse themselves in what is an entirely wholesome experience." - Gavin Facey of About Sound

"This is a wonderful album with so much depth and intricate detail, from start to finish. Highly recommended." - Julie Fowler of Colours Through The Air

"Each of the tracks intricately combines beautiful lyrics and music that defines a sound that has the welcoming feeling of an old friend but still feels as if it is bang on-trend. It's important to note that the music is just part of what this album promotes. Every song is represented by a piece of art, to back up the message that the song tries to impart (by acclaimed South Wales Figurative Artist Michael Gustavius Payne)." - Davv Young of It's Indie Music and We Know It

"This is some sublime stuff, with a beautifully executed production, and arrangements that exhibit a talent. Not only for crafting songs, but for forging ideas, and using the studio as a musical instrument in its own right." - Kevin Burke of The Big Takeover

"Dunkie is a songwriter whose style is constantly shifting, moving between influences like another songwriter might move between chords. The songs are transcendental, ephemeral, electronic numbers reminiscent of a mash-up of Radiohead and Neil Young; personal, full of heartfelt angst whilst being beautifully, tenderly, performed." - Joe Bayliss of The Swansea Fringe Festival

"A glorious piece of art. Truly special. Wonderful artwork - check it out. A labour of love and truth." - Patrick Jones (Welsh Poet, Playwright, Filmmaker and elder Brother of Nicky Wire, from the Manic Street Preachers)

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As an exclusive release from Broken 8 Records and Dunkie, 'Working To Design’ and the exclusive single are available as part of our pre-order platform.

As if October 2022, the record has been funded, pressed, packed and is shipping now!


1. ~ Introduction - So Little Time ~
2. The White Hole
3. Can A Song Save Your Life?
4. Rabbit Hole
5. I Don't Wanna Die In Minnesota {Part II}
6. I Think I've Been Asleep (All My Life)
7. ~ Intermission - An Ode To A Flea ~
8. (W.A.L.L.S.) Within A Little Love Song
9. Ten
10. 1896
11. Sugar
12. ~ Interlude - Choke ~
13. The Kaleidoscope ~ Refraction
14. 71-41-11
15. The Memory Tree
16. Through Endless Eyes
17. ~ Closure - 1972 ~



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