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Alex Lahey - 'The Best of Luck Club'

Format: LP
Colour: Red

The second full-length album from the awesome Australian singer-songwriter and garage-rocker, Alex Lahey, 'The Best of Luck Club' is a solid indie-pop album. Pressed on limited edition red vinyl, this edition comes complete with a digital download code, select issues also contain a numbered 'Best of Luck Club' membership card.

"When I was writing all the stuff in Nashville I was really inspired by the dive bar scene there and the idea that at these dive bars there's no pretentious energy," she explains. "Whether you've had the best day of your life or the worst day of your life, you can just sit up at the bar and turn to the person next to you - who has no idea who you are - and have a chat. And the response that you generally get at the end of the conversation is, 'Best of luck,’ so The Best Of Luck Club is that place."