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Arctic Lake - Closer

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Closer is Arctic Lake’s debut EP, and is the culmination of their ethereal and atmospheric sound, as well an archetype of their minimalist approach and effortless stillness. Throughout Closer the London trio create celestial tones that glide by like commanding glaciers, creating emotional tension on the adjacent rocks. Electronic-trio Arctic Lake have been carving a distinct niche for themselves since their debut Limits in 2015.

Since then the trio continued to develop musically, combining their influences and inspirations, ranging from Nils Frahm, Bat For Lashes, to old Jazz records, film scores and electronica. Closer encapsulates a sense of space and isolation, underpinning the staggeringly beautiful, and breathtaking vocal of Emma Foster. Opening with cascading strings and oscillations, the EP takes the listener through emotions introspective, yet universal, depicting the depths of human experience.

The songs were written at a time of retreat for the band, away from distractions, in pure solitude, and it feels that that this moment of quietness has led them to craft an EP which is both hauntingly fragile, and indescribably beautiful.


  1. Prelude
  2. Further
  3. Living Under You
  4. Forget About It All
  5. Too Close