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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Specter At The Feast

The seventh studio album from LA rock 'n' rollers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, 'Specter At The Feast' has been beautifully repressed by Vagrant Records for their 25th Anniversary. Housed in a gatefold cover, the record is pressed on dark smoke vinyl using 100% recycled plastic material, using waste from the production of other vinyl records. As well as reducing plastic, this gives each record a completely unique color appearance, depending on the material available at the time of pressing.

Speaking about the record on first release, the band stated, “This record took a long time to pull together. I think we all reached the breaking point after our last tour and needed to step back for a bit. These songs brought us back to life and gave us a second chance. I've never been more excited to play an album live before, these songs were born to be loud" Robert Been.


  1. Fire Walker
  2. Let The Day Begin
  3. Returning
  4. Lullaby
  5. Hate The Taste
  6. Rival
  7. Teenage Disease
  8. Some Kind of Ghost
  9. Sometimes The Light
  10. Funny Games
  11. Sell It
  12. Lose Yourself